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Atlanta Walk-In Clinics For Covid-19 Testing

Atlanta residents who need a Covid-19 test want the fastest, most convenient option available, making walk-in clinics an obvious solution. But are they the right option for you and your family? Join Drip Hydration as we explore Atlanta walk-in clinic options for Covid-19 testing.

Atlanta Walk-In Clinics Offering Covid-19 Tests

You can get Covid-19 tests at many metro area clinics, pharmacies, and testing sites.

What you need to know before you go

Only specific testing locations are open for walk-up patients – this goes for both public and private clinics in Atlanta. Before a test can be administered, patients must complete a brief health screen. In order to ensure this screening is completed, most walk-in locations require patients to pre-register and complete the screening online. Once complete, you are free to visit the location any time during operating hours to get tested.

You should also know that some testing sites have limits, i.e. are drive-through only, or cannot offer testing for specific age demographics (i.e. children and seniors).

Is a walk-in clinic right for me?

Because walk-in clinics require you to leave your home, there is automatically a risk of exposure to Covid-19. This risk can be further heightened by having to congregate with others while waiting your turn in line or a reception area.

Many of these walk-in testing sites are located at urgent care centers or health clinics that offer services beyond testing – where sick people go to get treatment. This may not be a concern for someone getting tested to meet work or event participation requirements, but may pose a problem for people at higher risk of severe symptoms and their families.

Families who need multiple trips to get the entire household tested due to clinic and age-based limitations are at even more of an increased risk.

Are there safer alternatives to getting Covid-19 tests quickly?

If you need a testing option with as little risk of exposure to the virus as possible, consider getting tested at home. On-site medical service providers like Drip Hydration will send a nurse to your home and administer a Covid-19 test to you and your family.

Depending on the type of test you choose, the nurse will process your results on the spot, or the service will call you once lab processing has been completed. This option is not only safer but more convenient. It may also return faster results if your sample can be processed onsite.

Families with multiple household members of various ages may particularly benefit from being able to get tested all at once. In-home services can also provide tests to very young or very old patients that traditional testing centers may not be able to accommodate.


Drip Hydration Can Test You Safely At Home

Reach out to us today to book our in-home Covid-19 testing services for your family. You can book online with as little as 24 hours notice. Whether you have a physical disability, young children suffering anxiety from the pandemic, or feeling uncertain yourself, our expert Registered Nurses are ready to help!

We offer PCR, Rapid PCR (results in 30 minutes or less), and antibody in-home testing to fulfill all your Covid-19 testing needs. We also offer progressive group discounts, and PPO insurance holders may be eligible for partial reimbursement of our services. Call or click today!