drive through covid testing, nurse taking a swab of a man in car

Where Are Free Drive-Through Covid-19 Testing Sites In Raleigh?

Although you can always get a Covid-19 test at your doctor’s office, an urgent care center, and community testing sites, you run the risk of exposing yourself or others to the virus in a waiting room.

Drive-through testing helps minimize unnecessary exposure. Fortunately, there are many free drive-through Covid-19 testing options in Raleigh, so where can you get a test and how does the process work?

Where can you get free drive-through Covid-19 testing in Raleigh?

The spike in Covid-19 cases that has come with cold weather and holiday travel has meant an increased demand for tests. Wake County has opened up several additional drive-through Covid-19 testing sites. You can find these sites, as well as the times and dates the sites will be open, here.

In addition to the sites above, you can always find your closest testing site with the NCDHHS Find My Testing Place website.

How drive-through testing works

Getting tested at a drive-through center is a simple process. The exact details may vary from site to site, but the process is much the same:

  • Some sites require you to get an order from your physician prior to getting a test.
  • Many sites will require you to make an appointment, although some offer walk-up services. It’s a good idea to check with the testing site to make sure they have the type of Covid-19 test you want, as well as any age-specific restrictions, since some testing centers do not test children below certain age thresholds. You should also double-check what, if any, documentation is required on the day of your test.
  • On your test day, drive to your appointment site with all of the required documents in hand. Most testing sites will ask you to keep the windows of your vehicle rolled up until it’s time for your test.
  • The test itself is a fast process. You will roll down your window and let your clinician collect a nasal swab sample. Some sites may ask you to administer the swab yourself, and some sites offer throat swabs instead of nasal swabs – check with your site of choice before you make an appointment.
  • The test sample will either be sent to a lab for processing with results available within 3 business days (standard RT-PCR), or it will be processed onsite for results within 15 minutes (rapid antigen).
  • The clinician may have some final instructions for you before the end of your appointment, but you are otherwise done with your drive-through Covid-19 test.

Safe And Convenient In-Home Covid-19 Tests With Drip Hydration

Although drive-through testing is free, transportation and waiting in lines isn’t always the most convenient option for busy individuals.

That’s where in-home Covid-19 testing with Drip Hydration comes in. We bring your test to you so that you don’t have to wait in line, saving you time so you can focus on your work and family obligations. We can test the entire family at a discounted rate during one appointment for the safest, most convenient testing option available in Raleigh.