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How to Get a Glutathione IV Therapy in Las Vegas

Drip Hydration is offering a new anti-aging treatment. This IV package incorporates a compound called glutathione, which has been repeatedly shown to produce anti-aging studies and products. This article will discuss glutathione, how it works, how to take it, and where to get it.

Glutathione and Aging

The aging process happens through a number of functions that naturally occur in the body. It starts with energy expenditure and cellular damage. The body digests food and converts that food into compounds that can be “burned” through a process called oxidation.

Oxidation is a good and natural thing, but the process of oxidation creates spare electrons that seek a home wherever they can find one. These electrons are called free radicals. Free radicals can cause harm to certain groups of cells (tissues) when they make their homes in them. Antioxidants are compounds that attract free radicals so that they do not make their home where they can cause damage to your body. Glutathione is a new and powerful antioxidant chain, but you have to take it the right way!

How to Take Glutathione

Lots of anti-aging creams and supplements call for glutathione to be taken orally. The problem with this method is that glutathione is a peptide– a series of three amino acids. Your gut is filled with enzymes whose job consists of breaking down amino acids. If your stomach digests glutathione, it loses its effectiveness before it can reach the right places. The best way to receive glutathione is intravenous.

Where to Get Glutathione

If you live in the Las Vegas area, the best place to get a glutathione injection is Drip Hydration. Their trusted professionals and quality products are the places to start your anti-aging treatments.

In-Home IV Treatments in Las Vegas With Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration offers mobile IV treatments in the comfort of your home in Las Vegas. Once you book your appointment, a certified nurse will come to your desired location and administer the treatment, which usually takes less than an hour. During this time, you can do anything you’d like, such as relax under a warm blanket or watch TV. Drip Hydration will also go to hotels, worksites, or other locations upon request.

You can either browse our treatment options and decide which is best for you or speak to a representative who can help you choose what you need based on your health goals. To schedule your appointment or learn more, contact us today!