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How Long Do IV Fluids Stay in the Body?

It’s sometimes hard to maintain our health, and getting IV treatments is one way to help supplement our bodies with what they need. If you’ve ever gotten or considered getting an IV treatment, you have likely wondered how long the IV fluids stay in your body and how long the effects last. Drip Hydration provides many different IV treatment options that help with a variety of conditions, and getting an IV treatment can be beneficial for almost everyone. Here we will discuss how long IV fluids stay in the body and the benefits of getting an IV treatment over oral IV fluids and oral supplements.

How Long Do IV Fluids Stay in the Body?

When you get an IV treatment, the fluids will typically stay in your body for a few days after the treatment ends. There are a number of factors that contribute to how long the fluids and, subsequently, the effects of the IV remain in your system.

The fluids last in your body until your body metabolizes them or your body gets rid of them through the processes of sweating and urination. This can be different for everyone, so the fluids’ amount of time can vary. However, in general, if you sweat more or have a higher metabolic rate, then there is a chance that the fluids and their effects will not last as long. We recommend getting regular IV treatments to maintain your health and keep your body going and in great shape.

Why is an IV Better Than Oral Fluids and Supplements

There are several reasons why an IV is simply better than receiving fluids orally or taking supplements.

First, by getting an IV treatment, it is much easier to customize the exact vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other components that are delivered into a person’s body. It would be highly difficult to do so with oral fluids. If you tried to get the same results by taking oral supplements, not only would you have to take a large number of pills to match the ingredients in an IV, but the body is actually incapable of absorbing the same level of nutrition from supplements that it gets from an IV.

Second, An IV is the most efficient means of delivering nutrients to the body as they go directly into the bloodstream and are able to take effect immediately. Even oral fluids have to be digested before they can be absorbed by the body and activated. Oral supplements are the same in that they take longer to start working. This is also part of the reason that other options are less effective, as the body flushes out many of the nutrients before they can be effective.

Lastly, the convenience of an IV is that it can be administered in about an hour, and each one can be customized to meet specific needs. Finding the right fluids and supplements to do the same orally would be more difficult and less efficient.


Get IV Therapy At Home With Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration is a mobile IV therapy provider, meaning we will send a Registered Nurse to your home or office to administer the IV therapy formula that’s right for you. Not only convenient, our services help you get the general wellness care you need without unnecessarily exposing yourself, and subsequently anyone else in your household, to Covid-19 and its variants.

We offer mobile IV therapy “a la carte” for individuals who need a one-time boost or just want to give our services a try. We also offer IV therapy memberships which include complimentary phone consultations with our medical experts as well as discounted access to our nutritional lab tests.

Contact Drip Hydration to find out which types of IV fluids should become part of your general wellness routine today!