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How To Get A Same Day Rapid PCR In Fresno

The best way to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and do your part is preparedness, which includes knowing how and where to get tested. Drip Hydration is dedicated to helping you navigate these uncertain times and stay safe and healthy with an at-home same day rapid PCR in Fresno.

Local testing options

Fresno City College

Testing is available from Tuesday to Saturday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Appointments may be scheduled online or by calling their direct line.

Fresno County website

The Fresno County website lists a multitude of testing sites and other Covid resources that are available to the public. The website also contains information regarding the cost of testing and local testing events.

Rite Aid

In collaboration with the California Department of Public Health, Rite Aid developed the Baseline COVID-19 Program to support Covid-19 testing in Fresno. Services are offered at several Rite Aid stores around Fresno and surrounding areas.

Hospitals, urgent care facilities, or physicians’ offices

Check with your local healthcare facilities to inquire about available rapid testing options. Some patients may feel more comfortable receiving tests from their personal healthcare provider. Additionally, other smaller pharmacies may also have testing options available to the public.

How testing at-home helps keep you and your loved ones safe

Silent and deadly, Covid-19 has impacted people around the world. Early detection of the virus is of the utmost importance to prevent the spread and save lives. Covid-19 tests are a key tool in stopping virus transmission, designed to detect an active case of the virus, whether symptoms are present or not.

Isolating at home is an essential step in decreasing infection rates. Although testing at healthcare facilities may seem like a fair option, you increase the possibility of spreading the virus to vulnerable populations or those who do not have immunity. At-home testing is quick and easy, and it allows for the comfort of knowing you are minimizing your risk of infecting others.

Additional benefits include:

  • Discounted group and family testing
  • Quick and easy scheduling
  • Having tests administered by a certified nurse
  • Minimal disruption to your day
  • No age-based restrictions

What kind of same-day tests are available?

Drip Hydration offers two types of same-day Covid tests: Rapid Antigen Test and Rapid PCR Test. Tests can be administered quickly, and results returned the same day. This is ideal for people who need answers fast for any reason.

  • Rapid antigen test: A nasal swab test that detects viral proteins and determines if you are currently infected with Covid-19. Results are available in 15 minutes, but this test has a 1 in 5 chance of inaccurate results.
  • Rapid PCR test: A nasal swab diagnostic that combines the highest accuracy of RT-PCR with impressive speed and convenience, providing results in 1-2 hours.

Get A Same Day Rapid PCR Test In Fresno – At Home

With office locations in Fresno, CA, Drip Hydration offers same-day rapid PCR tests that can be delivered to homes and offices. Our tests are administered by certified nurses and are available for individuals, groups, and families.

Let us help you do your part to prevent the spread! Give us a call or book an appointment using the button below.