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Is It Possible To Get The Flu From A Flu Shot?

Can you get the flu from a flu shot? The simple answer is no.

The more complicated answer is that influenza vaccines are usually made up of inactivated genetic material from an influenza virus. Exposure to that anemic form of the virus is what allows for the body to create antibodies which can identify and eliminate a full-strength virus before infection. An inactive, dead version of the virus such that vaccines use are unable to cause infection itself.

But what about side effects?

There are several side effects associated with the flu shot. Generally, these are limited to tenderness and swelling caused from vaccination’s primary method of delivery: injection.

In addition to these, there are some further side effects, including headache and low grade fever. These side effects can be attributed to the immune system’s response to the dead genetic material and are not an indication of flu infection.

Can you get the flu even if you’ve had a flu shot?

The creation of flu shots is a complicated process, and influenza is difficult to vaccinate against because it can change at the genetic level so quickly. The Center for Disease Control is tasked with predicting that “antigenic drift” so that vaccines are relevant for the upcoming flu season. This means that, although your annual flu shot will provide protection against most strains of flu, you can still get sick, even if you’ve been inoculated.

Additionally, there are many different strains of influenza. Therefore, a flu shot will contain genetic material from several strains of the virus to promote immunity against several different viruses simultaneously. The flu shot for the 2021 – 2022 season is quadrivalent, meaning that it protects from four different types of the virus.

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