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Can You Get A Flu Shot While Sick?

Flu shots are an effective way of avoiding influenza infection, as the vaccine enables your body to create antibodies against common strains of influenza virus. Should you get a flu shot while you are already sick?

In short, no. Flu shots are not effective ways of recovering from an infection once you are already sick. It can take up to 14 days for a flu shot to reach its peak efficacy, as it takes some time for your body to create those antibodies which prevent infection. A case of flu will typically run its course in a week.

Can you get a flu shot when you have Covid-19?

Flu shots are advised for most everyone, even those who have contracted Covid-19. Covid-19 and the strains of influenza responsible for seasonal flu are different viruses, so it is possible to contract an infection of both concurrently. That’s why it is more important than ever to get both your flu and Covid-19 vaccine.

While social distancing guidelines should be observed, Covid-19 has no effect on influenza immunity and vice versa, making it imperative to get vaccinated against both viruses as soon as possible. Flu shots are a guaranteed way to mitigate your chances of contracting an influenza infection. Getting vaccinated can also mitigate symptoms and reduce the chance of developing complications should you catch the virus.

What is the best time to get a flu shot?

Flu season happens during the fall and winter months, so it is advised to get a flu vaccine in September – October for protection all throughout flu season.

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