Can NAD Help You Recover From COVID?

If you’ve recently come down with COVID-19 or a similar illness, then there’s a good chance you tried everything you could to help support your body through recovery. One helpful supplement that many individuals turn to in supporting their body through illness is the NAD+ IV infusion. Keep reading for everything you need to know about using NAD+ to help your body recover from COVID.

What is a NAD Infusion?

NAD is a vital amino acid found in every cell of the body. As we age, our NAD levels gradually decrease, causing all types of “aging symptoms” such as brain fog, fatigue, and decreased energy levels. Many people supplement NAD to help reverse these signs of aging by taking an oral supplement or getting an IV infusion.

Although taking a NAD supplement by mouth could be a beneficial and effective treatment, IV infusions have a much more powerful effect. IV infusions bypass the digestive tract and go directly to the bloodstream, ensuring that the NAD is fully absorbed. IV infusions also contain additional ingredients that can help nourish the body and boost the immune system, such as vitamins, minerals, and hydration.

Benefits of NAD Infusions

As one of the most popular IV therapy infusion options, NAD offers plenty of benefits. This IV therapy infusion also contains B complex vitamins, vitamin C, and magnesium to give the body a boost of nutrients. Some benefits of NAD infusions include:

  • Clearing brain fog
  • A boost in energy levels
  • Improved metabolic function
  • Better memory and concentration

Does NAD Help You Recover From COVID?

Although there is no guarantee that getting a NAD IV infusion will help you recover from COVID, there is a good chance that it could help. Every individual is different, and we encourage you always to follow the medical advice given to you by your doctor or healthcare provider.

Many people have turned to IV therapy to boost their immune systems and support their overall health. NAD infusions can help prevent sickness by boosting the immune system and supporting your overall wellness.

These infusions can help when your body is recovering from sickness too. Because the NAD+ infusion has such a strong influence on cellular function, it can boost all bodily processes that help to aid in recovery. NAD infusions help the body detox and cleanse, helping you move through your sickness faster than you might without this type of support.

Where To Get NAD+ Infusion Therapy

If you’ve decided you’d like to try getting an NAD+ IV infusion, then it is time to determine where you need to go to receive treatment. Many individuals opt for an IV infusion clinic or infusion center. IV clinics are specifically dedicated to delivering IV therapy to help boost wellness and health.

Another convenient option is a mobile IV therapy service. Mobile IV therapy services come directly to your location to deliver IV therapy on-site. Schedule your IV therapy infusion during your downtime at home or even during your lunch break at work, and the infusion nurse will come directly to your location.

This option is convenient for a variety of reasons. If you have a hectic schedule, it is much easier to fit this type of appointment into your daily routine. Also, if you’ve come down with COVID-19 or a similar sickness, you won’t want to leave your home so as to protect others from contracting the disease. Having a mobile IV service come to your home allows you to rest and recover and prevents others from being exposed to the virus.

Get NAD Therapy Without Leaving Home

For the best NAD IV therapy in your area, skip the clinic and get in home NAD therapy with Drip Hydration. Even if you are healthy, you can benefit from increased energy, better sleep, faster healing, and improved cognitive performance.  Contact us to learn more and to schedule your next treatment!